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San Jose Expungement Lawyer

San Jose Criminal Defense Lawyer

Record clearance, or expungement, is defined as having criminal convictions "cleared" from your record. An adult may be able to consult with a lawyer and petition the court to have a conviction taken off their criminal record, provided he or she has finished probation, followed all court orders, and has an entirely clean record since the prior conviction. Specific qualifications will depend upon the person's specific case, sentence, and crime committed. However, most traffic convictions or sex crimes cannot be cleared, including sex offender registration.

How Does Expungement Work?

Expungement is a legal process wherein a person petitions to have a conviction essentially removed from his or her criminal record. The record is not destroyed entirely and may still be accessed by government agencies when considering a job applicant or in sentencing requirements for convictions in the future. However, the general public will not have access to this information and prospective employers will be barred from using it against an applicant in making hiring decisions. An applicant may also legally answer "no" if asked on an application whether he or she has a criminal record.

If a court grants a record clearance request, the original charges will be sealed or cleared from your record. Unfortunately, this does not mean that they actually disappear. For instance, if you are charged with a criminal offense in the future a "cleared" offense may still serve as a prior conviction and impact your sentencing.

The Importance of Clearing Your Criminal Record

With so much information readily available online, having a criminal record can have far more of an impact on a one's life than it would have in the past. Criminal records have always been public information, but previously it was not easy for a potential employer to look through court records to determine whether a job applicant had a criminal record. Today, criminal court records are indexed into vast online databases that can be searched by name and date of birth. A potential employer, licensing agency, or other organization may conduct a background check of any applicant in a matter of seconds.

Our attorneys understand how important record clearance is. A criminal conviction on your record can damage your reputation and keep you from obtaining a job. Our team has the expertise needed to assist you with clearing your record. We will review the facts closely and help bring your case before a court. We treat each case with the utmost importance – after all, your future reputation is at stake.

Contact an Experienced San Jose Expungement Attorney

Looking for a way to clear your criminal record? With the help of a qualified lawyer, you may be able to have a prior conviction cleared from your criminal record. You will then be able to legally state that you have no criminal record in job interviews and in similar situations. You can finally get a peace of mind and move on from your past mistakes. Record clearance is a key part of our criminal defense practice, and an attorney at our firm can discuss your options with you in order to help you get a fresh start.

Schedule a consultation with a lawyer at our law offices and you can find out whether you may be able to file a petition for expungement. This can be a complex process, so it is important to have an experienced lawyer to guide you through for swift and successful resolution.

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