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White Collar Crimes Attorney in San Jose

White collar crimes are typically committed within a business or commercial environment for monetary gain, carried out by those individuals in high-profile positions such as politicians, business CEOs and executives. The true extent and cost of white collar crime is unknown, but it is estimated to cost the United States more than $300 billion dollars annually. This devastating financial loss has caused the government to take action and take white collar crimes very seriously – regardless of who committed them.

White collar crime charges should always be taken seriously due to the harsh legal consequences you may face. Thomas F. Mueller understands how complicated white collar crime charges can be. These cases typically involve lengthy investigations which can disrupt the personal and professional life of the accused. By working with skilled Attorney Thomas Mueller, you can be assured that he will to everything he can to make sure your rights are not be violated during these investigations or throughout the legal process. Contact his office today to get a free case evaluation.

Types of White Collar Crimes

While white collar crimes can include a number of different offenses. However, at their core, they are crimes of deception spurred on by the prospect of making financial gains. Individuals hide information or lie and cheat in an attempt to hold onto or make additional money.


Fraud can cover a wide variety of white collar crimes. Simply put, it is using deceit for financial gain. Securities fraud deals with deception in trading securities, such as stocks, and can include insider trading and using false information to attract investors in a company. Other types of fraud include mortgage and insurance fraud, as well as Ponzi schemes.


This white collar crime involves stealing money from an individual to whom you have a form of responsibility. Common embezzlement scenarios include employees who take funds from their employer and place it in a personal account. However, lawyers and other advisors who misuse their clients' money can also be guilty of embezzlement.

Money Laundering

Taken from the term to "launder," or wash things so they are clean, money laundering involves taking unlawfully collected funds and moving them through a number of transactions that make them seem legal or clean.

Penalties for white collar crimes include fines, prison time, or a combination of the two. Individuals convicted of these crimes may also be required to surrender any profits made through illegal activities and pay restitution to any victims involved.

A Skilled San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney Can Fight for Your Rights

If you are facing charges related to a white collar crime, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable San Jose criminal defense lawyer on your side. At The Law Office of Thomas F. Mueller, we are committed to defending the rights of the criminally accused. Attorney Mueller has nearly 40 years of legal experience and has worked with close to 10,000 cases with an outstanding record of success. Our team can review your situation and give you a clear picture of where you stand. Contact us so we can begin to build the strongest legal defense possible for your case.

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