Employment Laws in Germany

The effects of the Corona Crisis is felt in practically in all Industries, admittingly there are industries much more severely impacted. The travel industry is probably hit the most hardest. A few months ago, before the crisis, critics argued that the newly built Airport in Berlin (BER) which is set to open in October 2020 will already be to small from the onset to accomodate the expected volume of traffic and passengers, but now a few months later the airport will be to big. Lawyer for Employment in Berlin

Airlines are laying off thousands of Workers

Airlines have announced that they are laying off thousands of worker to cut costs under the current situations. Experts estimate that it would at least take another 3 – 4 years for the industry to reach Pre-Covid figures. In Germany already smaller Airlines have filed for bankruptcy. Laying off employees is not that easy in Germany since there are many laws in place to protect employees. And since unions are very strong, employers need to be well prepared when trying to reduce their workforce. Selection based on social criteria must be carefully examined before anyone can be laid off. Whereby the workers council will have to also agree. In German Der Arbeitgeber Kündigt.

Dire Times for Laid off Workers

Some might argue that workers are covered by social insurance, but for those that have mortgages to pay off and kids to put through university getting only 60% of their iniatial salary will have a huge impact. Suddenly their existence will be put in jeopardy. This is something that will affect all walks of life not only in Germany, but also worldwide. For more information on Labour laws in Germany contact Dr. Breuer Attorney for Employment Law

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